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Open your senses and connect with nature during a slow and mindful walk in the forest

Witty Walks is a tour company in Ireland, founded by Cathelijne de Wit in 2015. 

Twenty years ago, Cathelijne fell in love with Ireland during a trip to Cork. Many holidays on the Emerald Isle later, she and her husband decided to move and live in the Wicklow Mountains. She loves the Irish nature, history and culture and her work is all about sharing her love for Ireland with other people. she loves Ireland so much, she even wrote a (Dutch) book about it!

Cathelijne is a qualified professional National Tour Guide and a certified Forest Bathing Guide. She works in Wicklow and Dublin and offers tours in English and Dutch.  

Visit the different websites as shown above to get more information about Forest Bathing, tours in Glendalough, Dutch city tours of Dublin, the book Cathelijne wrote (website in Dutch) or Moving to Ireland (website in Dutch). 

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